A New, Natural Smile in Just 2 or 3 Visits To Dr. Shahin Safarian

Patient Lindsay came to Dr. Shahin Safarian for a fuller, natural smile.

“I wanted a better aesthetic look. I heard he had a great reputation from friends. We got a great result, with all 20 teeth. I have a nice broad smile!”

A great smile makes you feel better

Robert explains why he came to Dr. Safarian to improve his smile. “I didn’t smile in pictures or have a lot of confidence with my smile… I called and they got me in for a consultation right away. We did orthodontics and some veneers. The results were outstanding!”

“I didn’t smile in pictures or have a lot of confidence with my smile… I called and they got me in for a consultation right away. We did orthodontics and some veneers. The results were outstanding!”

Patient Kristy Trades TMJ Pain For A Great New Smile

Patient Kristy needed help with her crooked teeth and TMJ pain. After suffering for six years, she came to Dr. Shahin Safarian to discover what could be done.

“He was terrific. He looked at the overall problems and addressed them. I couldn’t be happier. I am pain free, I don’t have any more TMJ issues, and now I have my great smile.”

Achieve that Hollywood Smile

Carolein chose Dr. Safarian to fix her smile.

“He will help you achieve that wonderful, bright, Hollywood smile.” she said.

I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else

Raymond came to Irresistible Smiles for teeth cleaning.

“My wife had her veneers done here… I saw how good her experience was. The service was amazing, everyone was nice. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.”

Teeth Whitening In About An Hour for a Bright Smile

Patient Micki likes Dr. Safarian’s work so much, she flies in from South Carolina to have her teeth whitening treatment.

“There was no pain — women like that! The staff is wonderful. It took about an hour.”

Bring Out Your Irresistible Smile

Natasha explains why she chose Dr. Shahin Safarian to help her have an Irresistible Smile.

“I felt welcomed. Dr. Safarian explained everything to me. I am excited, and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments. It was worth it.”

Dr. Shahin Safarian Restores Patient’s Dental Health And Earns His Trust

Patient Joseph needed his old fillings fixed. Dr. Safarian was able to restore Joseph’s dental health while improving his home dental care regimen.

“Dr. Safarian won my trust because his openness and honesty. His staff always treats me with kindness and I am greeted like one of the family. The office is clean, but it never feels clinical.”

You Can Leave Your Fear of Dentists At The Door

Patient Todd has visited Dr. Shahin Safarian for root canals, crowns, regular checkups and more. He talks about his fear of dentists and explains how Dr. Shahin Safarian makes him feel comfortable and confident.

“I’ve had a very positive experience, he’s very gentle with shots. He is very attentive while he is working on me, making sure I am comfortable.”

Confident Smile

Gabrielle chose Dr. Safarian to repair a broken tooth and do her veneer work. Gabrielle has been a Patient at Irresistible Smiles for more than 8 years now.

“They gave me a lot of support. I appreciate Dr. Safarian’s attention to detail and the pride he takes in his work.”

Why I Chose Dr. Shahin Safarian As My Regular Dentist

Patient Mary came to Dr. Shahin Safarian for teeth whitening. But she was so impressed, she chose him as her regular dentist!

“Dr. Safarian made me feel comfortable right away. We went over the different options and he was very thorough. There’s no high pressure — they are like friends.”

Frida chose Dr. Safarian for teeth whitening and bite correction

Frida went to Dr. Safarian for teeth whitening and to correct her bite.

“I feel very safe. He has the latest equipment and the staff makes me feel very welcome. I never feel rushed.”

Painless Dentistry

Hakan explains how he found Dr. Safarian and why he’s remained a patient with Irresistbile Smiles.

“Dr. Safarian always explains his techniques, why procedures are done in a certain way. He is very friendly and approachable. I was impressed by the lack of pain. You can tell it comes from years of practice.”

Fixing a chipped tooth & and overcoming fear of dentists

Andrea explains how her fear of dentists kept her in pain and prevented her from fixing a chipped tooth until she found Dr. Safarian.

Dr. Safarian put her at ease and now delivers regular dental care, giving Andrea a healthy smile, and relaxing her anxiety about dentists.

Kim explains why she chose Dr. Safarian as her new dentist

Kim’s insurance had changed and she needed to find a new dentist. Kim chose Dr. Safarian for his academic background and his up-to-date technology.

“When I sat in the chair I was immediately comfortable. I am so pleased. Dr. Safarian is fantastic.”

Great Cosmetic Dentistry Visit

Patient Ken says he procrastinated on his dental care. Dr. Shahin Safarian was able to restore Ken’s dental health AND smile.

“I feel so much better physically than I have in many years. I encourage anyone who is concerned about their dental health to come in. I could feel the difference in 24 hours. It’s been life transforming.”

No-Surgery TMJ Treatment

Shelly explains how Dr. Safarian diagnosed and quickly relieved her of TMJ pain and discomfort – without surgery! After years of suffering from TMJ, and believing surgery was the only treatment, Shelly was surprised to find Dr. Safarian, and pleased that his recommended treatment plan was surgery-free, and offered quick relief.

Cher says she won’t work with anyone else but Dr. Safarian

“I had TMJ pain. I couldn’t fully open my jaw. Dr. Safarian accurately explained everything step-by-step. I actually flew all the way from Japan to see Dr. Safarian. He has helped me so much.”

Customer Carol received virtually painless crowns and implants from Dr. Safarian DMD San Diego, CA

Customer Anne gets Veneer’s & Counseling from Dr. Safarian DMD San Diego, CA

Customer Brook overcomes fear of dentist with Dr. Safarian

Easy Sleep Apnea Treatment

Gwen discusses how Dr. Safarian treated her Sleep Apnea. She said

“I had days I would go without sleeping.”

Feeling wired and stressed, Gwen finally sought out help with a sleep study. The typical solution, a CPAP machine, was noisy and kept her up at night… so she stopped using it.

Eventually, Gwen found Dr. Safarian. She felt that Dr. Safarian was very welcoming and caring. Gwen says:

“I went from feeling like a zombie to feeling like I was alive again… I enjoy coming to the dentist.”

Jaw Pain Treatment

Adria explains her long-term jaw issues and the relief she got from her treatment at Irresistible Smiles with Dr. Safarian.

“We worked within my comfort zone. I liked being able to see the data. His staff is great and Dr. Safarian is very reachable.”

Adria explains how she took baby steps to her treatment.

“For the first time in four years I don’t have any jaw pain!”

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