Embarrassed With Your Teeth? Need a Smile Makeover!

Smile is the most beautiful accessory human is blessed with and smile without good looking teeth is of no use.

A smile makeover can bring beautiful smile on your face, you will get complement for. These type of dental procedures are safe and effective.

You can plan an exotic trip to somewhere with your beautiful smile & you can enjoy trip to Goa and Singapore or the scenic beauty of Kerala.

There can be no better option other than dentists San Diego to get your smile makeover.

Just like no two smiles are alike, same can be the case with smile makeovers. Each plan should contain precise combination of treatments designed to address unique needs of patients.

An experienced & skilled cosmetic dentist will be able to identify most suitable procedure that best suits your requirements.

You can get natural & good looking teeth using smile makeover as shown below:

Unlike traditional hygiene which focuses more on oral hygiene and preventing, diagnosing and treating oral diseases, cosmetic dentistry focuses more on improving the appearance of a person’s teeth, mouth and smile.

There are some aspects which dentist will review and improve after smile makeover process:

• Tooth color,
• Alignment and spacing,
• Missing teeth,
• Harmony and Balance,
• Filler lips,
• Smile and cheek,
• Tooth portions,
• Smile line,
• Tooth proportions,
• Tooth texture and characterization are some of them,

Teeth are one of the precious gift given by God.

They are subject to any number of conditions and may get damaged due to many reasons.

Teeth may get damaged due to wear and tear or they may get chipped off while horsing around with friends.

In that situation you may hesitate to open mouth in front of people .This situation leads to stress and painful situation.

Apart from this, there are some other situations like strain in your teeth from coffee or Tabaco can leads to discomfort or embarrassment.

Smile makeover can be best option. You have many options regarding choosing right procedures. Depending upon your choice you can opt for any dentists based upon certain factors.

Smile makeover specialist San Diego, is pleased to present you with an opportunity to win the ultimate smile makeover.

Smile Makeover Process:

Smile makeover is the process of improving smile through one of the cosmetic dentistry procedure such as:

  • Dental veneers,
  • Composite bonding,
  • Tooth implants, and
  • Teeth whitening etc.

Your dental professionals will take a look and mold your mouth to fit into that procedure.

Meantime they may have conversation with you regarding the best shades that complement with your teeth.

The whole procedure will take 1-2 months. Although time depends upon complexity of your unique case.

If you feel pride in your appearance and suffering from any oral problem related to teeth, smile makeover can regain your beautiful and pearly teeth, having such teeth let you feel more confident among people.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Helps in Smile Makeover?

Nowadays, cosmetic dentistry is not new term to many people.

It’s a new branch of dentistry which helps people in regaining their original smile.

Few years back tooth extraction was the only solution, but today people can completely change their look by improving their smile called ideal smile.

Person having ideal smile feels more confident in front of people as compared to others.

Moreover it’s easy to improve the look of your smile. Person needs not to undergo excessive pain while undergoing cosmetic dentistry.

All depends upon the dentist and procedure he/she is going to follow upon specific requirements of person.

What Exactly Cosmetic Dentistry Is?

Cosmetic dentistry is that branch of dentistry which deals with aesthetic value of teeth.

Technology ensures that people can have access to all sorts of dental solutions to keep their teeth healthy and good looking at the same time.

There are several procedures which falls under cosmetic dentistry and some of them include:

  • Teeth whitening,
  • Bonding,
  • Replacement of missing teeth and many other comes under cosmetic dentistry.

Give Your Smile a Makeover with Cosmetic Dentistry:

Most of the people are not born with Hollywood smile means straight, white and perfectly shaped teeth, instead most Americans complain about discolored, missing and irregularities in their teeth.

In order to overcome these cosmetic dentistry exists which can bring back your Hollywood smile.

There are variety of methods exists in order to regain one’s smile:

Filling Replacement:

Silver fillings are replaced with natural white filling that matches with actual color.

Filling replacement is best for those health conscious people who wants to cut down on heavy metal poisoning in the body.

Laser Whitening:

It’s an fast and simple method to make ideal smile and results of laser whitening lasts longer.

This method mostly suits for those having permanent discoloration or for those require white teeth as their profession like actors, models etc.

Porcelain Veneers:

These are placed over the front part to alter the color & shape relative to rest of mouth.

This type of procedure is helpful for those having too big or too small teeth & person having cracked teeth.

Cosmetic Altering of Gums:

Cosmetic altering of gums is followed for person suffering from gum diseases and those having “long teeth” problems.

Surgery tend to replace the missing gum tissue by removing tissue from mouth and transplanting it again. This way re-framing allows more youthful and healthier look to teeth and gums.

Apart from various procedure available in the field of cosmetic dentistry, smile makeover should be customized to meet individual needs.

One must consult licensed cosmetic dentist who can take decision after performing X-rays to determine what procedure should be followed to make ideal smile considering long lasting health of teeth.

What Happens When You Get a Smile Makeover from Irresistible Smiles?

Everybody deserves a great smile. If your pearly whites are not at their best, superstar status, maybe a smile makeover is all you are missing!

What is a Smile Makeover?

A Smile Makeover is a series of dental cosmetic procedures done with the purpose of, as its name implies, giving smiles a makeover.

There is no definite list of what a smile makeover entails. It always depends on what your smile needs.

What are the Common Procedures for a Smile Makeover?

As mentioned, the kind of procedures performed in a complete smile makeover depends on the unique needs of each patient. However, most smile makeovers involve the following:

  • Teeth whitening,
  • Dental veneers,
  • White composite tooth-colored fillings,
  • Dental implants,

Because there are multiple procedures involved, it may take a while to complete the smile makeover.

What Happens When You Get a Smile Makeover from Irresistible Smiles?

When you go to Irresistible Smiles in San Diego or Chula Vista for your smile makeover, you can expect the following to happen:

• You start with a free consultation.

You can set up an appointment for one using our website, safariandmd.com.

Dr. Safarian will check the current condition of your teeth and your overall smile to find out what parts need fixing and what sort of procedures should be performed.

• Preliminary tests, including a series of dental X-rays, will be conducted as part of your preparation for your smile makeover.

Safarian and the Irresistible Smiles experts will create a special makeover plan that details the types of procedures your smile needs.

You will also get information on when you can realistically see the final result of your complete Smile Makeover.

• The Irresistible Smiles team will give you details on the cost of your whole smile makeover plan.

We want to surprise you with how great the results are, not with how much your procedures cost.

That is why our commitment to better service includes informing patients about the costs prior to starting so you can prepare for them.

• Irresistible Smiles can also help coordinate with your dental insurance team.

When you come in for the first time for your Smile Makeover consultation, you can bring your insurance card so we can connect with your insurance company on your behalf.

• Our experts in oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental surgery, and cosmetic dentistry will proceed with the necessary procedures.

• The Irresistible Smiles team of experts will help you with every step of your recovery to make sure that you get the best results and keep your smile brilliant and beautiful.

Like any major dental cosmetic procedure, the success of a smile makeover largely depends on how skilled your dental practitioner is in the procedures in your makeover plan.

At Irresistible Smiles in San Diego and Chula Vista, you are assured that a highly qualified, reliable, experienced expert will take care of you – from your consultation, to creating the makeover plan, to completing the procedures.

Aside from our expert team, our Irresistible Smiles Clinics are also well-equipped with cutting edge tools and an in-house laboratory that will ensure the whole makeover is done safely, efficiently, and quickly.

Interested in getting a better, brighter, more picture-perfect smile? Now is the best time to get it! Call your Irresistible Smiles clinics in San Diego (858-755-8993) or Chula Vista (619-656-6785).