Self-Performed Methods of Dental Plaque Identification

Tartar cannot be removed by simple brushing and flossing, but only through professional cleaning by your dentist or Dental Emergency Chula Vista.

Plaque pertains to the slimy, sticky substance that collects on the surface of the teeth. It is the major cause of both tooth decay and gum disease, thus making it extremely important to get rid of plaque deposits before they can wreak havoc on your mouth.

But the thing is, plaque can be pretty hard to detect with the naked eye because it has the same color as your teeth. But worry not, for there are tools for Dental Emergency Chula Vista, which can help detect where plaque builds up and let you know how good you when it comes brushing and flossing your pearly whites.

Why Remove Plaque?

Plaque disclosing agents are often used by dentists to show their patients where and how much plaque has accumulated on their teeth.

Removing plaque deposits while they are still new and soft is recommended in order to prevent them from turning into hardened deposits called tartar or calculus, where plaque and bacteria can continue to thrive.

Methods of Plaque Disclosure:

Plaque Disclosing Tablets:

One method of plaque disclosure makes use of special disclosing tablets made up of red dye. This dye gets absorbed by plaque, thus staining it and making it much easier to detect. To use these tablets, get one tablet and chew it thoroughly. Swish the chewed tablet-saliva mixture onto your teeth for about 30 seconds. Spit it out, rinse off with water and then examine your teeth. You may use your bathroom mirror, or even a small mirror to get a closer look.

Red stains indicate plaque. These stains highlight the areas where you should improve your brushing and flossing.

Now, some individuals may frown upon the idea of bright red staining, not only on the teeth but on your gums, tongue, or lips as well. Take note that the staining is temporary and will be gone after a few hours.

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Plaque Disclosing Solutions:

Plaque Disclosing Solutions work in pretty much the same way as disclosing tablets, only that they are in liquid form already. Like in the tablet form, you have to swish the solution around your mouth for about the same time. Then, you also have to spit it out and check your teeth afterward.

Some disclosing solutions are available as two-toned agents, which help differentiate between old and new plaque deposits.

Plaque Disclosing Swabs:

These swabs are pre-saturated with a disclosing solution. They are used by dabbing the swab along the tooth surface to show the plaque deposits. Compared to disclosing solutions, there are more convenient, more easily controlled, and less messy.

Plaque Light:

Plaque light requires the use of a special fluorescent solution that you’ll swish around your mouth and then rinse off with water. To detect plaque, you will have to use an ultraviolet light. The light will help make plaque more visible by giving it bright yellow-orange color.

The main advantage of the plaque light and fluorescent solution combo is that it doesn’t produce any visible stains in your mouth.

After using any of the disclosing products brush your teeth after and be sure to improve your brushing on the areas where plaque accumulates the most. Brush as thoroughly as you can until there are no stains left.

If you wish to be sure about the efficiency of your oral hygiene, use a disclosing agent for as long as you wish until you see less and less plaque.

Plaque disclosing agents are particularly helpful for kids, orthodontic patients, and individuals prone to tooth decay and gum disease.

Feel Honored of Your Smile at Any Age

Aging gets changes. We tend to love some of those changes while some drive us crazy. But every change is virtuous when you have a caring professional by your side.

Many believe that absent teeth are certain with the proceeding years and that’s just not true.

With proper maintenance and care, your teeth are able to last you a lifetime. And with changes in technology and techniques, you can be proud of your smile for just as long.

We can comfort your care for your aging smile. Every patient and patients that are over 50 years old, need to care for their gums!

Gum disease is not the same as tooth decay. It is the head-most cause of lost teeth in adults. As we grow of age, we tend to lose our battle against infection.

However, regular brushing and flossing and some professional care will keep your gums and teeth healthy.

Some patients may require frequent cleanings, special tools or explicit periodontal treatments like root planning or scaling, in order to maintain good gum health.

Appreciate the real worth of your smile. Your smile is essential to your well-being and contentment.

It has an emotional influence on our social interactions, the way we eat, walk and talk and the way we feel about ourselves are all affected by the state of our smile.

A healthy, beautiful and cared-for smile is the key for feeling and looking healthy as we grow old.

One more wonderful thing that often originates with age: the ability and time to pursue our passions and interests.

Take this opportunity to endow in your smile and enjoy the positive conclusions that it shall in all facets of your life!

You are never too late for a beautiful smile. Recent advancements in technology and techniques have made the 10 years old dentures appear like ancient history.

Even minimum procedures can deduct years of age and add to your health and morale.

We love our patients and we love seeing them smile.

Let us know how we can help you or if you have any questions relating to your oral health. Contact Dr. Safarian for FREE consultation!