Every year at Halloween, millions of Americans don fake vampire teeth. Usually, these are the epitome of cheap fake teeth, costing less than a couple bucks for an articulated set that you slip over your normal teeth. 

But now a trendy jewelry maker is flipping the script on Halloween’s most common accessory. They designed a 14k gold custom-made set of vampire teeth for the most discerning vamp fans. And they’ll only set you back $10,000!

A vampire hiding their face to cover up a bite. You no longer have to be Count Dracula to have fangs

“Minimalist Jewelry”

The fangs are the creation of Miansai, a premium jewelry brand with many celebrity fans. Although these would obviously be an extravagant investment for anyone looking just to dress up for Halloween, the head of the company said that his firm focuses on “simple and minimalist jewelry, the type of pieces that you can wear any time, any where [sic].” Gold vampire fangs would be a hard sell at most times and most places. The fangs are “one size fits all,” but they are only made to order, and take two weeks to complete (so, sorry, it’s too late to get one for Halloween this year :-( ). 

Of course, the mouth bling isn’t really a serious creation. While they might sell more than a few to people with more dollars than sense, it’s obvious that the fangs are mostly a publicity stunt of the type that the company practices regularly, including selling a solid gold Juul case and a $65,000 gold “grill set,” though it’s unlikely that anyone would actually use them on the grill, considering the cost and the fact that they’re not likely to be strong enough to work properly. 

Changing Trends in Vampire Fangs

While the solid gold vampire fangs might be too rich for most people these days, it seems the classic plastic fangs are on themselves out in favor of a slightly more elegant solution. 

The most common type of vampire fangs offered for Halloween these days are actually remarkably similar to dental veneers. Instead of wearing a whole set of fake teeth, you can simply use a couple of facades that bond to the front of the teeth you want to turn into fangs. That way, you can mostly maintain your natural teeth and have a minimum of interference to your speaking, drinking, and eating.Plus, it’s more comfortable. You won’t end up leaving your fangs on the table all night, as most people do when they wear the cheap style of vampire teeth. 

As an added bonus, you can decide whether you want to put your vampire teeth in the traditional location (your own canine teeth, which can sometimes look a lot like fangs themselves), or in the location popularized by the series True Blood (lateral incisors, which have the benefit of being more central and more visible).  

More Permanent Vampire Fangs

While the bonded-on fangs are more comfortable and wearable than the traditional plastic type, they’re still temporary, for people who are looking to truly modify their smiles, they aren’t sufficient. However, if you want to have vampire fangs for real, cosmetic dentistry gives you options. Dental bonding is a relatively permanent solution (lasting 3-5 years), but it has the advantage of being completely reversible if in a couple of years you start to feel “what was I thinking?”

On the other hand, you can get even more long-term vampire fangs with porcelain veneers, which can last 10 or 20 years. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Better Than Costume Dentistry

At Irresistible Smiles, we are dedicated to cosmetic dentistry, which seeks to improve the appearance of your smile long-term, giving you the confidence of a beautiful, healthy smile. We don’t go in for gimmicks, but we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. 

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