What Is A Mouth Guard?

A dental mouth guard is important for you as an athlete. It does not just protect your teeth but also protects your entire mouth. No matter whether your face or mouth receives a big blow, a high quality sports mouth guard will protect your jaws. A superior-quality sports mouth guard is very effective as it is made from a very thick material.

But just any mouth guard doesn’t work, MonsterGuard is a revolutionary brand new sports mouth guard that keeps your mouth safe from any types of injuries. At Irresistibles Smiles, we provide custom fit laboratory manufactured MonsterGuard dental mouth guard. However, before you schedule a complimentary consultation, let’s take a good look at the benefits.

Why Should You Select MonsterGuard?

MonsterGuard is a dental mouth guard designed with regards to Neuromuscular Dentistry an advanced science. By making use of progressive dental technology and software, the custom fit MonsterGuard perfectly gets aligned and allows your face muscles to get relaxed. Therefore, while performing you don’t experience stress on your face. Your jaws also affect your vertebral column and other body parts, therefore, when they are relaxed you can move freely while performing athletics.

Due to advanced science and technology, the MonsterGuard provided at Irresistible Smiles gives you the following benefits:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Range of motion
  • Endurance

The most important reason to get yourself MonsterGuard dental mouth guard from Irresistible Smiles is because we are a certified smile designing expert. He takes more than extra care to see that your MonsterGuard dental mouth guard fits perfectly and it does not cause you any kind of inconvenience. Being a Smile Makeover Expert, he ensures that his clients don’t have to compromise on their smile caused due to bad alignment of the MonsterGuard mouth guard. He uses latest dental technology and software so that there is no room left for error. The reason Irresistible Smiles recommends MonsterGuard is because it provides two hundred and ninety three percent bigger breathing hole than any other mouth guard. MonsterGuard dental mouthguards are specially designed for athletes. They can be used irrespective of whether you have braces or not. They are extremely comfortable and you can occasionally use them as a dental night guard.

If you still have any further queries left, then you can schedule a complimentary consultation at our San Diego Dentist office. We will provide you a detailed performance test of how MonsterGuard can improve your performance length endurance, flexibility, strength, intensity, range of motion and balance. So, don’t wait, call our office now!