Gum lift surgery is one of the most commonly performed periodontal procedures today. Most patients get it done to improve the appearance of their smile, while others may need it in conjunction with restorative procedures such as veneer or crown placement. The goal of this procedure is to remove or restructure the excess gum tissue surrounding the teeth. If done properly, it will make your smile more symmetrical and well-proportioned. If you’re planning to undergo Gum Lift Surgery By Laser Therapy, then here is a guide on how to prepare for your operation, along with some tips on post gum lift surgery care.

She was prepared for her Gum Lift Surgery

Initial Preparation for Gum Lift Surgery

To prepare for your gum lift surgery, the first thing you need to consider is behavior change, as it happens to be the most important element in ensuring a successful long-term treatment outcome. Such change includes forming improved oral hygiene habits, cessation of smoking, and other lifestyle modifications.

Prior to the procedure, your dentist will also perform scaling and root planning to ensure that all plaque and calculus deposits on the root surfaces are removed. Scaling and root planning are often done using hand and/or ultrasonic instruments, though some dentist prefers the use of lasers. This procedure requires the administration of local anesthesia to avoid sensitivity and other discomforts. In addition, occlusal bite therapy may sometimes be necessary as well to stabilize teeth that have been weakened particularly by advanced periodontal gum disease.

Postoperative Care After Gum Lift Surgery

Gum lift surgery is quick and virtually painless, so there are not many complications to be expected. There might be some discomfort, swelling, and in rare instances, bleeding. The discomfort and swelling can be managed by taking anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by your dentist. Bleeding, on the other hand, can be prevented by switching to a soft diet for the first 24 hours. It is also important to avoid strenuous activities and any habit that can generate negative pressure (i.e. drinking through a straw, spitting, and smoking).

What to Expect After Gum Lift Surgery

After gum lift surgery, your dentist will ask to come back for evaluation after about three to four weeks. This is to evaluate the response of your periodontal tissues to the treatment. You will also be given further instructions about your oral hygiene, and another round of scaling and root planning will be performed as needed. You can expect complete healing four to six weeks after the operation. After that, your dentist will schedule you for regular follow-up appointments, with intervals depending on your response to treatment. Follow-ups are important to prevent infections, monitor gum recession and detect any problems as soon as they appear.

Gum lift surgery, much like other surgical procedures, has its fair share of risks and benefits. Before proceeding, it is important to be aware of what it is and what it entails. If you can, seek a second opinion from other qualified oral health care practitioners. And once you’re sure, see to it that the operation will be performed by a highly-skilled practitioner like Dr. Safarian, who has lots of experience performing cases that require gum lift surgery.