February is National Children’s Dental Health Month and the slogan for this year is “Defeat Monster Mouth.”

Dentists and dental associations are promoting a new mantra for good oral health, 2min2x, meaning brush your teeth for two minutes, two times a day.

February is a great opportunity for dental care professionals to promote awareness on the importance of good dental habits and for parents to speak to their children on why it is crucial to cut down on sugary snacks and drinks and regularly brush and floss your teeth.

National Children's Dental day

This is the time when you can take steps to instill in your children good habits to keep their teeth healthy:

1) Visit your dentist once every six months.

Schedule a consultation with your dentist in February if you have not taken your child to a dental care professional since August of last year.

2) Start early. Encourage your child to take care of their teeth from the day his or her first teeth sprout.

3) Do not let your child eat or drink in bed.

Encourage the habit of finishing their meals and wiping their teeth clean before going to the bed.

4) It is best if your child can start drinking from a regular cup as soon as he or she is six months old.

5) Speak to your child about the importance of brushing twice a day and flossing at least once every 24 hours.

6) Encourage a healthy, balanced diet instead of sugary food and drinks.

7) Replace your child’s toothbrush every three months.

8) Purchase American Dental Association (ADA) accepted toothpastes for your child.

It is never too late to adopt good habits.

If your child’s teeth have begun to decay, here are some of the things you can do starting today:

a) Convince your child to consume sugary drinks with meals, when the body increases salivary production and extra saliva helps neutralize acid production.

b) Encourage the consumption of healthy snacks, if you child likes snacks.

c) Purchase sugarless gums for your child because sugarless gus increase salivary flow and wash out acid.

d) Monitor your child’s consumption of sugary beverages.

It is best to encourage your children to drink water over sugary drinks.

e) Though cavities are common in children, you cannot overlook them.

Untreated tooth decay can lead to gingivitis, pain, and early tooth loss. It can also affect your child’s ability to speak, eat, and sleep comfortably.

In rare cases, decay can be life-threatening. It is best to take your child to a dentist the moment you notice cavities.

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. It is time you make the most of it.

At, Irresistible Smiles, we can help you with this. To help you child get started on a path of great dental health, book your appointment with us today!