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Zoom Teeth Whitening Services

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Brighten your smile up to eight shades, and take years off of your appearance with one visit using San Diego Zoom teeth whitening. Simply call Irresistible Smiles in San Diego to schedule your convenient appointment, then prepare for an amazing transformation. In one session, Zoom can brighten your smile – and you’ll leave the office with a new smile and a new outlook on life.

Dr. Safarian specializes in San Diego teeth whitening and also offers convenient, custom-made whitening kits for home use. You can wear the comfortable trays, lined with professional teeth whitening gel, for a few hours each evening. In about two weeks, you’ll have the bright, fresh smile you haven’t seen in years.

In a city as culturally dynamic and thriving as San Diego, there is a lot to smile about. Thanks to Dr. Safarian and the leading solution for teeth whitening, it’s now more convenient than ever to transform your look and finally smile with confidence.

California smiles are known for being bright and brilliant, and in the flourishing realm of cosmetic dentistry in California, teeth whitening is a highly prized procedure, popular among both men and women of all ages.

With Zoom teeth whitening, California is a brighter and more brilliant place. It’s time to discover the future of San Diego teeth whitening with Zoom – the leading easy and effective solution that will enable you to finally flash your pearly whites with pride.

After just one visit to Dr. Safarian, the Zoom solution will take years off your appearance and brighten your smile up to eight shades. With a customized and affordable teeth whitening solution from Dr. Safarian, there is no longer any need to hide your happiness or alter your lifestyle.

Embrace every sunny day in America’s Finest City with a big smile, thanks to Zoom teeth whitening. San Diego, it’s time to smile.

Call Irresistible Smiles to schedule a Zoom teeth whitening session in San Diego or to order custom take-home trays.

If you’re interested in Zoom teeth whitening, learn more in our patient library. The higher your dental IQ, the more comfortable and qualified you’ll be in making important decisions about your oral health and cosmetic dental procedures.

You can also call Dr. Safarian’s at (858) 755-8993 for our San Diego office, at (619) 656-6785 for our Chula Vista office and at (760) 798-1768 for our San Marcos dental office to speak with one of our helpful team members or professional Dentists if you want further information about any of our services or policies.