Most Common Complications of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth, or the third molars, are the last teeth to emerge in the mouth.

Some people won’t have any problem with these teeth but most of the time, there is no enough space for them to erupt properly or develop normally.

In such case, these teeth get trapped, or in a more scientific term, become impacted.

An impacted wisdom tooth may be partially- or fully-impacted. Partial impaction is when some of parts of the crown have erupted, while full impaction is when the entire tooth is completely covered by gums and/or bone.

In both cases, surgical removal of the impacted tooth is necessary. The problem is, not all patients are willing to go through surgery.

However, retention of an impacted tooth can also be a problem, as it will lead to one or more of the following complications:

Tooth Decay:
Partial impaction allows bacteria to have access to the tooth, making it more likely to develop tooth decay.

Add to that the fact that its location makes it difficult to clean through brushing and flossing.

Tooth decay may result to pain, swelling, and in worst cases, difficulty opening the mouth. And if the impacted tooth is inclined towards the second molar, destruction of that tooth by decay or resorption is also very likely.

Damage to the Adjacent Teeth:
Sometimes, the impacted tooth may push against the tooth next to it, causing the latter to resorb.

Tooth resorption refers to the destruction or breakdown of the tooth structure, most especially the roots.

Severe resorption is usually very difficult to treat and may often lead to the extraction of the tooth involved.

Misalignment of Teeth:
The pressure exerted by the impacted teeth to against the nearby teeth may sometimes be enough to cause crowding, especially of the anterior teeth.

To correct crowding and bring the teeth back to their normal alignment, extraction of the impacted tooth is required along with orthodontic treatment.

If orthodontic treatment is done without extracting the impacted tooth, then crowding will recur once the orthodontic appliance is removed.

Pericoronitis, otherwise called operculitis, is the inflammation of the gum tissue that surrounds the crown of a partially-impacted tooth.

The inflammation is usually caused by the accumulation and entrapment of debris underneath the gums, or it can also be brought about by repeated trauma when biting or chewing.

Pericoronitis can be mild or severe in nature.

Mild pericoronitis is characterized by localized redness and swelling of the gum tissue, whereas severe pericoronitis leads to difficulty opening the mouth in addition to the inflammation.

The crown of an unerupted tooth is enclosed in a so-called follicular sac.

This sac has the potential to become a cyst, which can grow larger by destroying the bone around it.

Unless the tooth and its sac are removed, the jawbone will get weaker and weaker over time, ultimately resulting to fracture.

All impacted teeth, unless contraindicated, should be considered for extraction. But of course, being a surgical procedure, it is important to have it done by a skilled and experienced dentist that you trust.

What to Know About Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth are third set of molars that people generally get in their late teens or early twenties. Many doctors have conflicting views regarding when to get your tooth pulled and when to not.

Not everyone has to have these teeth pulled out.  So one must consult professional dentist to ensure better health of their teeth.

Unlike dental surgeries where people have to experience severe pain, extracting wisdom teeth don’t led to severe pain especially when done by any professional dentist.

Before proceeding further let’s have a look at some reasons to why wisdom teeth removal is necessary.

Teeth Don’t Fit in Your Mouth:

People generally have enough room for 28 teeth i.e. number of teeth a person have before wisdom teeth emerges. But after getting wisdom teeth (28+4=32), in that case if you don’t have enough space in your jaws to hold 32 teeth

So these 4 extra teeth can create problem. Therefore it becomes necessary to remove these teeth.

Chronic Pain in The Gums Near Wisdom Teeth: Due to infection caused by these extra teeth you may have pain in your gums.

While eating food, these bacteria gets trapped in such areas leading to serious infection referred to as pericoronitis. So doctors recommend removing the teeth to get rid of infection.

The Teeth Don’t Emerge Straight:

In some cases when wisdom teeth erupt fully but come out sideways, they could cause other teeth to shift over time. Also misaligned teeth can damage your nearby teeth.

Cyst Develops Around Your Wisdom Tooth: It might be possible that the sac near your tooth is filled with fluid.

In that case, it could ruin the surrounding structures like tooth roots or bone. In rare situations, a cyst that’s not treated could result in the development of a tumor which will require a more intense surgical procedure.

These are some cases of wisdom teeth extraction which calls for serious consideration of your professional orthodontist.

Some of the Procedures Expected From Expert:

* Converse with your dental specialist or oral specialist to ensure that you comprehend the system and the     consideration proposals after the surgery. Be that as it may, before the strategy, get some information about the accompanying.

* The number of teeth to be extracted: Some dental specialists will separate every one of the four, or a couple at once.

* The kind of anesthesia to be given: Normally, you’ll experience either broad or nearby anesthesia. In the event that your dental specialist will utilize general anesthesia, you’ll need somebody to accompany you on the grounds that you’ll get to be drowsy.

* The length of the procedure: This relies on upon the quantity of teeth to be extracted and in addition your teeth’s condition however could run from one hour to a few hours.

* Pre-surgery instructions: You may be encouraged to stay away from specific medicines like headache medicine or blood thinners before the surgery.

In Conclusion: Wisdom tooth extraction is mandatory and one must consult professional dentist before get them pulled. Many times wisdom tooth extraction becomes important when teeth don’t fit in your mouth. Contact Dr. Safarian for wisdom tooth extraction in San Diego.