The mouth is the gateway to the body, and as such, oral hygiene is an important part of overall health.

Practicing proper oral hygiene involves personal care as well as regular cleanings and check-ups with a dentist.

Practicing improper dental hygiene not only results in a less vibrant smile but can also lead to serious dental and overall health issues in the future.

Unchecked plaque and bacteria build up can result in inflammation, gum bleeding, and even heart disease. If you are looking for an experienced dentist with a comfortable office featuring state-of-the-art equipment.

The Irresistible Smiles Dental Team

The Irresistible Smiles dental team is 100-percent dedicated to providing each and every patient with the best possible care. From perfecting smiles to dental care and surgery, the Irresistible Smiles team is dedicated to continuing professional advancement through accumulating 200+ hours of professional development yearly.

The Irresistible Smiles team holds evolving modern dental practices and techniques to the utmost importance. A visit to Irresistible Smiles will ensure your comfort and confidence with any check up, cleaning, or procedure you are getting done.

Dental Services

In most aspects of health, prevention is key; when it comes to dental services, this is most certainly the case. People who practice good oral hygiene and undergo regular dental cleanings and checkups will benefit from a healthy mouth and a vibrant smile.

General dentistry issues like chronic headaches and neck pain, TMJ, neuromuscular disorders, and sleep apnea are all areas of general dentistry that Irresistible Smiles specializes in.

Single to multiple-tooth implants, cosmetic dentistry, full orthodontic treatments, surgeries, and smile makeovers are all additional services offered by the Irresistible Smiles team. From full-mouth rehabilitation to quick smile makeovers for that special occasion, Irresistible Smiles has numerous dental service options to offer their patients based on the most recent advancements made within the dental industry.

The Latest and Greatest in Dental Technology and Equipment

The dental industry has evolved over the years, along with its technology, equipment, and materials. Irresistible Smiles prides itself on keeping up with any and every technological advancement that can benefit their patients.

From comfortable treatment rooms to efficient procedures using the latest materials, the Irresistible Smiles team sees ingenuity and innovation as the cornerstone of their practice. Procedures that were time-consuming or painful in the past have evolved with the patient’s comfort and convenience in mind.

The Connection Between Dental Health and Overall Health

When it comes to taking care of your oral health, practicing good oral hygiene at home coupled with regular dental cleanings and check-ups can help protect your dental and overall health.

Teeth that are neglected can suffer from inflammation and the build up of plaque and bacteria under the gums. Over time, those toxins enter the body through the saliva, and the blood carries them to the heart and other organs; this can result in plaque build up and heart disease.

Irresistible Smiles can help ensure that your overall health is protected alongside your dental health, by providing you with the very best service and technology available.