If you’re thinking of investing in dental implants, you will definitely want to make sure your investment is going towards a treatment that will provide you with amazing results. Most people know that dental implants help replace the tooth root when you lose a tooth and provide a stable foundation for dentures, dental bridges, or dental crowns. However, aside from that, most people don’t know too much about dental implants. Here are eight new things to learn about dental implants.

1. They Prevent Bone Loss

After you lose a tooth, it doesn’t just affect your smile. It can also affect the jaw bone. When your jaw bone no longer has a tooth to latch onto, the bone no longer serves a purpose. Over time, the bone will disappear which can affect your facial appearance and even cause remaining teeth to shift in your mouth. When you decide to get dental implants, they will help stimulate the bone in your jaw. Instead of disappearing, the bone will retain itself. As a result, you won’t have to deal with any appearance or bite changes that usually come with tooth loss.

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2. Implants Fuse Together with Bone

Most people know implant surgery involves placing the dental implant in the jaw bone. However, many people don’t realize that the reason why dental implants prevent bone loss is that they fuse together with the bone. When the implant gets placed, it stimulates bone growth. The bone then grows around the implant and fuses together. The fusion is what keeps the dental implants and tooth replacement secure like natural teeth for chewing, biting, talking, and smiling. The fusion between the titanium implant and the bone can make the mouth even stronger than before!

3. Implants Look Natural

If you’re worried that dental implants don’t look natural – don’t. Dental implants themselves are not noticeable unless they are placed incorrectly. However, you don’t have to worry about that with Dr. Safarian. After the implants are placed, you will choose a tooth replacement option like dental crowns, bridges, or dentures. Some tooth replacements can look unnatural if you go through a budget option. When you visit Dr. Safarian for your dental implants and tooth replacement, he will customize your tooth replacement’s shape, color, and size to complement your face and look natural.

4. You Don’t Need to Replace Healthy Teeth

You don’t have to have all your teeth pulled to get dental implants. We can replace single and multiple teeth with dental implants. During a consultation with Dr. Safarian, he will discuss how many dental implants you need to replace your teeth and talk about the different tooth replacement options you can choose from. If almost all your teeth are missing and their future looks grim, Dr. Safarian might suggest having those teeth pulled so you can replace your entire mouth with dentures. In the end, however, if your teeth are healthy and functional, there’s no need to have them pulled for dental implants.

5. You Might Need Repairs Down the Line

Although taking care of dental implants is similar to caring for natural teeth, they still might need repairs down the line. Some patients might even need to replace them at some point. Nothing is certain. Visiting us regularly for checkups can help us catch dental implant problems early so that small problems don’t transpire into large ones. This can prevent you from having to entirely replace your implants in the future.

6. They’re Long-Lasting

Although we just talked about the possibility of having to replace dental implants at some point, that isn’t always the case. The average lifespan of dental implants is 20 years and with proper maintenance, some people have implants that last the rest of their lives. Although implants cost a lot upfront, their longevity is absolutely worth it.

7. They’re Stronger Than Natural Teeth

The Official Journal of the Academy of Osseointegration featured some researchers who think that a few dental implants are stronger than natural teeth. Although this isn’t proven yet, you can replace an entire jaw of teeth with as little as four implants.

8. Dental Implants are More Affordable Than What Most Think

The last thing you probably don’t already know about dental implants is how affordable they are. Most people think it will cost more than a brand-new car to replace their missing teeth with dental implants. That is not the case. The upfront cost of dental implants might look pricey compared to dentures, but once you configure all the costs associated with dentures like adhesives, replacements every 10 years, cleaners, and checkups, the cost of dental implants is actually similar and offers many more benefits you won’t find with dentures.

Are you ready to transform your smile with dental implants? Learn if dental implants in San Diego are the right procedure for you and how much your treatment will cost during a consultation with Dr. Safarian. Call us today at (858) 255-9689 to book an appointment.