How to Maintain Your Dental Implants

Thinking of getting dental implants in San Diego?

Before you get into this long but rewarding process, it is necessary for you to know what having these implants entail – especially the “hygiene” part.

Many people are led into thinking that dental implants require less maintenance and cleaning because they cannot get cavities.

The good news is, no, they do not get cavities.

They are not made of the same material as your natural teeth so cavities cannot ruin them.

The bad news is, only ‘teeth’ is made up of tougher materials, the gums and tissues surrounding them remain natural.

This means that plaque and bacterial buildup can still cause dental health problems; therefore, they require proper cleaning.

Tips for Maintaining your Dental Implants:

Your orthodontist and hygienist will advise you to religiously do the following in order to keep your dental implants in the best condition for the longest time possible:

1. Follow Your Dentist’s Orders:

Your implant specialist will create a special dental checkup schedule as well as a specific care plan for you.

To get the best results with your implants and avoid problems like peri-implantitis (inflammation in the tissue surrounding the implant), follow each specific guideline of your dentist’s plans.

2. Visit Your Hygienist Every 3 to 6 Months:

Unlike regular teeth, implants cannot handle the typical metal cleaning tools that regular dentists use.

You need special and softer cleaning tools for your implants and you need cleanings more often than natural teeth.

Your dentist may require you to see the hygienist as often as every three months.

3. Use a Special Toothbrush:

Aside from regular brushes, your dentist may require you to use small toothbrushes called ‘proxy brushes’.

These brushes are designed to reach in between implants to make sure there are no food particles left in the gums surrounding the implants.

4. Floss, Floss & Floss!

Flossing with implants is as essential as it is with regular teeth simply because it reaches that thin space between implants that brushes (even proxy brushes) cannot reach.


5. Use Mouthwash:

There are many different types of mouth rinses on the market and it does not matter whether you use alcohol-based or the non-alcohol based mouthwash.

What matters is that you rinse after brushing with antibacterial wash for thorough cleansing.

6. Pick The Right Toothpaste.

Use a toothpaste that’s designed to provide extra protection for your gums.

Since you don’t have the natural teeth anymore, your need for protection shifts from cavities to plaque and other gum problems.

Ask your dentist for recommendations on good toothpastes to use with your dental implants.

7. Always Give Your Dentist a Visit:

Stay in touch with your dentist.

For the slightest pain, discomfort, or questions, always run to your implant specialist before things become worse.

The first few months of using dental implants are always the most critical, so extra care is needed, especially against infections around the healing tissues.

To learn more about proper maintenance or to address your concerns regarding implants dental implants, contact us today.

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What You Should Know about Gum Lift Surgery?

Getting too conscious about your gummy smile?

Sometimes, even the brightest and whitest set of teeth can lose its sparkle to overexposed or uneven gums.

If this is getting in the way of your beautiful smile, you may want to give a gum lift a try!

Unlike traditional gum lift procedures, today’s gum contouring use a more high-tech laser therapy technology.

That means no scalpels or sutures; so the procedure is quicker and less painful – and is much quicker to recover from.

Laser Gum Lift FAQs

What is a Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring or gingivectomy in medical terms is the procedure that shapes the gums and reduces exposure.

It used to be painful and very invasive that required the use of a scalpel to ‘define’ the exposed gums.

In some cases, maxillofacial dentists and orthodontists had to move the entire upper jaw to reduce the exposure of the gums on the upper front portion.

Laser therapy, which we use at Irresistible Smiles, does all the work non-invasively.

It flattens and shapes the surface of the exposed gum to reveal more of the teeth and create a more proportionate and attractive look. The procedure is not only quicker; the results are also more accurate.

How Does It Work?

Unlike a traditional gum lift, the laser therapy gum contouring procedure can be completed within just one visit.

Your dentist will administer local anesthesia beforehand to minimize the discomfort – although with laser therapy, there is hardly any pain or discomfort.

What Are The Risks? 

When you get the procedure done by an expert orthodontist, the risks are very small.

These risks could be anywhere from allergies to the anesthesia to swelling and bleeding during recovery.

Should you experience any swelling or bleeding? Inform your dentist immediately to avoid any infections and complications.

What Kind of Post-Procedure Care Does a Gum Lift Require?

Any discomfort that comes from the procedure is minimal so it should not get in the way of your daily activities like speaking, eating, or drinking.

However, cosmetic dentists still advise on replacing solid foods with liquids for the first two or three days following a gum lift.

It is equally important to have good oral hygiene in order to avoid infections where the procedure was performed.

Who Can Get Gum Lift Treatments?

People who have problems with their gums showing too much or protruding when they are smiling can benefit from gum contouring.

This special procedure is designed to ‘correct’ gums that fall way below the lip line.

There are many causes for what dentists call a ‘gummy’ smile, the most common of which includes abnormal eruption of the teeth, thin lips, upper lip muscles that lift or curl too thinly, as well as your natural jawbone placement.

It causes the teeth to look small and non-proportional compared to the rest of your mouth. People who have uneven gums are also good candidates for this cosmetic dental procedure.

Highlight your pearly whites with beautiful and healthy gums! Interested in laser gum contouring?

Contact us today to schedule a consultation for Gum Lift Surgery or Treatment!