But Nothing Hurts Doc!

This is probably the most common response I get after I use the Intra-Oral camera and show the patients the state of their oral cavity on 36″ Plasma TV.

First of all I can tell you that over 90% of the patients have never seen there teeth at any level.

That is a very alarming stat considering that I believe that show-and-tell is very important in building relationships your doctor.

Look if you don’t know the name of your dentist it’s time to re-evaluate. I will touch on this topic more in future blogs.

Let’s go back to the question “why does your teeth not hurt”.

After I show patients their teeth the common statement is always “wow doc I didn’t know it was that bad in there”, “I am shocked”, ” are those dark marks on my teeth cavities” and so on.

This is a huge topic and in the next blog I will start to explain why this is happening.

From failures of our profession to educate to lack of proper understanding of how to take proper care of ones oral cavity.

I Had To Wait

On Tuesday I had a patient who told me, “I am not going back to my other dentist because I had to wait 2-3 hours as the dentist was seeing 4 patients in 4 different chairs at the same time”.

We have a rule in our office we make you wait more than 30 minutes we credit your account $50 no questions asked.

We can all understand things happen in an office but wait 2 hours?

I don’t blame the patient for wanting to go to another office do you?

Do you think this patient knows the name of his or her dentist?

Do you think this office will take the time to use an intra-oral camera to build a relationship with the patient?

We as dentists work for you and you deserve better. Over 90-95% of the time I work out of ONE chair seeing ONE patient at a time.

You have a choice on what type of office you want for yourself, family and friends.

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