Zoom Advanced Power ‘Laser’ Whitening System

san diego zoom whitening

What is it? A very bright UV light used for whitening your teeth (not a true laser). How’s it work? We isolate your teeth and protect your lips and gums. A powerful teeth whitening solution is placed on your teeth and the ‘Laser’ is then used to activate this solution. How long does it take? You’re in the chair for about 90-120 minutes on average. After that, you typically will have dazzling white teeth. Does it hurt? A bit, yes. There is generally some sensitivity during the procedure (usually mild) and for about 24-36 hours afterwards. It’s not that bad, but many do feel sensitive. Generally Motrin/Advil/ generic Ibuprofen control the sensitivity. We also have Fluoridex, prescription strength toothpaste, available in office.  How long are my teeth white for? The first 72 hours are critical. If you whiten and then go drink a glass of red wine, don’t expect your teeth to be white anymore. After watching your diet for ‘staining foods’ for the first 72 hours, you really can expect that color to be relatively stable. No bleaching system is perfect or permanent, so touch-ups with take-home trays are typically needed every 4-6 months for 1-2 nights. That usually maintains the whiteness you desire.