LVI Laser Dentistry

What is it? A soft tissue laser that trims and shapes excess gum tissue and helps you avoid expensive, painful gum surgery. This laser minimizes post-treatment pain to the point where it’s almost nonexistent. And although it cannot cure the conditions that cause canker sores and cold sores/fever blisters to occur, it can eliminate the sores in a matter of minutes.

This machine has other little abilities too!!! I can heal up those annoying (and incredibly painful) canker sores in a matter of minutes. I can also heal up those terribly embarrassing cold sores/fever blisters (herpes lesions). One note: you’ll heal up, but you can still get canker sores and/or fever blisters in the future!

We also use the laser in conjunction with our deep cleanings to help kill any bacteria that remains.  This treatment is extremely effective in fight for oral health!