Laser Dentistry

The use of lasers in dentistry is a long awaited technology. We are proud to be on the cutting edge with the use of our soft tissue laser. This laser allows us to expertly sculpt excess gum tissue with minimal trauma and excellent results. It also helps us in reducing periodontal pockets without the need for gum surgery.

Eliminating a gummy smile can make a great difference in the appearance of your teeth. Your teeth may appear short because the gum tissue is at the wrong height. Reshaping the gum tissue to its appropriate level will give your teeth a longer, more attractive appearance. Gingival recontouring or sculpting is a simple procedure that takes just minutes. A small amount of local anesthesia is applied and the tissue is artfully sculpted to the desired position. There is no bleeding no stitches and minimal discomfort. You can even do it during your lunch hour and return to work. So if you feel your teeth are too short, or your smile has a gummy appearance, give our San Diego dental office a call and see what gingival sculpting can do for you.

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