A misaligned jaw will give you a lot of problems. Tenderness, swelling, general discomfort, straight-up pain… and an annoying popping noise every time you open and close your mouth are among the most common symptoms. Other possible symptoms have nothing to do with the mouth, including insomnia, headaches (potentially migraine-strength), blurred vision, dizziness, and severe pain in places other than the jaw (particularly in the neck and shoulders).

Popping pills may temporarily get rid of the pain, but all that does is treat the symptoms, not the underlying issue. You’re just sweeping the problem that you should be addressing under the rug.

Neuromuscular dentistry offers a long-term solution for these symptoms. The underlying problem we just referenced is a called a TMJ disorder. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, which is where the jawbone connects to the upper skull.

This joint sees a lot of action: it moves every time you talk or eat, and all that wear and tear can eventually damage the joint or knock your jaw out of place (people who habitually grind their teeth are especially at risk). When misalignment occurs you start to experience those ugly symptoms we mentioned earlier.


The term “TMJ disorder” is not just one problem with one solution, but rather a blanket description that refers to dozens of different but closely related issues. As such, the TMJ treatment strategy that works wonders for one patient may not do anything for another patient. It takes a highly skilled and experienced dentist to effectively diagnose and treat TMJ disorders.

Dr. Safarian takes an average of 150 continuing education hours a year at the Las Vegas Institute (LVI) to keep up with the latest methods and technologies for treating TMJ disorders. His dedication to advanced training has earned him the status of LVI Fellow, a title given to only 200 other doctors worldwide.

This level of education combined with his extensive real world experience make Dr. Safarian the most qualified neuromuscular dentist in the San Diego area.


Relieving pain is likely your biggest concern if you’re seeking treatment for a TMJ disorder, and at Irresistible Smiles pain relief is our first priority.

Another benefit is the potential for improved appearance as a result of treating a TMJ disorder. Many of our patients report stronger jawlines and more attractive profiles after treatment.


It all started with Dr. Bernard Jankelson. He started practicing dentistry in 1924, with a specialty in prosthodontics. The years went by and Jankelson began to notice that many of his patients were not getting the care they needed.  They would walk in with jaw and neck pain that traditional dental treatments weren’t able to get rid of. After decades of practice he came to the conclusion that these stubborn symptoms were somehow connected with the alignment of the jaw.

With the help of his son, Dr. Robert Jankelson, an accomplished dentist on his own right, he began researching jaw alignment and its relationship to the nerves and muscles of the face and the seemingly unfixable symptoms he had seen over the years. Father and son developed a few treatments that worked by correcting jaw alignment or relaxing the muscles of the face. The treatments they developed proved effective and the practice of neuromuscular dentistry was born.

If you have general pain in your jaw or neck, you don’t have to live with it.  The problem might a TMJ disorder that can be treated to relieve your pain. Give us a call at (858) 755 – 8993 [San Diego office] or (619) 656 – 6785 [Chula Vista office] for more information.