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There are plenty of reasons to go to the dentist. Toothaches, irritated gums, crooked/yellow teeth…. Or maybe you would like to try and prevent those complications altogether by going in for regular checkups every six months. Whatever kind of dental service you’re looking for, you’ll find it’s available at Irresistible Smiles.

Exclusively composite fillings: brush and floss or you’ll get cavities. Fill those cavities or you’ll eventually get an infected nerve, which should require a root canal. Metal amalgams fillings are tacky and stand out, and there are some health concerns regarding their mercury content. That’s why we only use composite fillings, which don’t contain any mercury and better resemble your teeth

Inlays and Onlays: eventually fillings deteriorate and have to be restored. An inlay supplements a filling that’s been reduced over time by adding more composite material into the empty space inside the cusp tips of the tooth. An onlay is used to replace missing material outside the cusp tips of the tooth.

Crowns: crowns are onlays that fit over the entire tooth. They’re often used to cover up irreversible cosmetic damage

Porcelain Veneers: a crown might not be necessary if the damage you’re trying to cover up is slight. Instead we can take the easier and more affordable route of applying a thin veneer of porcelain, which matches natural enamel in both color and reflectivity, to the front of the tooth.

Bridges: these are prosthetics that replace a missing tooth, suspended in place by two crowns installed on the two teeth on either side of the gap. Bridges are the ideal (and most cost-effective) solution for those with two teeth next to the missing tooth that just happen to have significant cosmetic damage that would require caps to cover up anyway.

Dental Implants: bridges replace what’s above the surface, but they don’t support what’s missing below the gum line. Without support from the root of the tooth, the jawbone beneath weakens and eventually deteriorates, opening you up to infection and giving you an unattractive profile with a sunken jaw.

Root Canal: despite the intimidating reputation for this procedure, getting a root canal probably won’t hurt that much. During the procedure the area will be made completely numb by local anesthetics. In the days and weeks after the procedure the pain is usually mild enough to be managed by over-the-counter pain meds. In the relatively rare cases when pain is more severe, we’ll prescribe you stronger pain meds.

Invisalign: it wasn’t too long ago that, if you wanted to make crooked teeth straight, you would need to clutter your mouth with a big ugly set of metal braces. Invisalign appliances are mostly clear, offering a more low-profile way to reshape your smile.

Zoom! Whitening: named “Zoom!” for how fast it works, this is the perfect product if you’re looking to whiten your teeth immediately. A 25% hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth and then, after covering your eyes and face with adequate protection, the gel is activated by a strong UV light. In just three 15-minute sessions your smile will be dramatically brighter.

Neuromuscular Dentistry: TMJ disorder can wreck people quality of life with constant and severe pain. We know how to accurately diagnose TMJ disorders and work out treatment plans that relieve the pain.

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